Our goal is to create a community-built, all-inclusive playground at Shady Lane Elementary School. The playground will promote active play, stimulate imaginations and be accesible to all children, regardless of ability. We would like to share this incredible opportunity with you or your business to build community goodwill through volunteering, sponsorship or partnership.

Community-built projects inspire everyone who participates with a sense of ownership, and the projects become a focus of community life. People describe builds as the experience of a lifetime. The families who help build will return for school activities, summertime picnics and bring friends and family to show them what the community has accomplished!

The Community at Play Playground Committee is working in partnership with Shady Lane School, a non-profit organization. We are committed to building an exciting new place for kids to have fun, get some excercise and learn  right here in Menomonee Falls. Our organization is formed exclusively of volunteers. So, 100 percent of all fundraising dollars go directly to the playground project.

We have chosen to work with GameTime, a leading commercial playground equipment manufacturer. Their mission is to inspire play and recreation projects, innovate products, and fun, exciting ways to help children, families and communities stay more active together.

Together, our goal is to build a unique, 5,100 square foot playground at Shady Lane School.

Meet our


Meet the children who will be able to play with all of their friends on this playground thanks to inclusive equipment.

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